We Welcome you to Our Open House, Saturday, June 13th 10am-12:00pm!

Discover the Waldorf difference and see how your child can benefit from this unique developmental approach.

This event is open to parents and children to participate in activities typically seen in Waldorf classrooms.

Activities include:

Bread Baking

An activity which allows a child to see a process from start to finish and make connections in the world. They experience that the bread is the result of their work, plus it is a wonderful sensory and tactile activity.



Delight in a puppet story while nurturing a lifelong love of reading through puppet storytelling.


Beeswax modeling

A wonderful exercise for finger dexterity, creativity, and bringing warmth into the hands.


Windows into Waldorf

Experience a sample main lesson which explores the tradition of story telling in the Waldorf elementary grades.

Admissions 334

Meet our teachers and experience the magic of Waldorf firsthand. Your child is welcome to explore the classroom and adults will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss Waldorf education.

We would be delighted to get to know you, Call (941) 927-3711 if you have any questions about this event.

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