We Welcome You To Our Halloween Puppet and Craft Gathering, Tuesday, 10/30, at 4 pm

Join us for a gentle Halloween celebration!  We welcome families with children ages 0-7, looking for an alternative way to experience Halloween.  This event nurtures the whole child, with a sweet story and seasonal craft.  Children  (and adults!) are welcome to dress up in costume, however, in keeping true to our emphasis on the development of the imagination, as well as maintaining a wholesome gathering, we ask that you please choose a simple costume such as an animal, gnome, fairy, knight, or storybook character, rather than depicting gruesome or intense images. Extreme face paint and masks can also be quite scary for the little ones. 

Hosted by our mixed-age Kindergarten teachers, Birte Hoag and Shivani Lash.

Please RSVP to mangovesarasota@gmail.com  

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