We Welcome You To Mermaid Faire: Saturday November 12th from 2-8pm FREE Admission!

Please join us in celebrating the coming of the holiday season with our Mermaid Faire, the antidote to the rampant commercialism that often overwhelms children and parents alike during this time. A day filled with magic and wonder for all ages. Admission is free! There will be plenty of live music, free demos and some free activities for the kids too!
Activities include:
Ship’s Light Candle Dipping (Dip a beeswax candle while listening to delightful music in an enchanting space.) Located in the 1st grade classroom. 5 tickets or 2 for 8.
Mermaid’s Cove – Children will crawl through an enchanting cave to reach the Mermaid’s grotto, where they will receive a handmade gift. Located in the Nursery classrooms. 3 tickets.
Bonny Bowline Rope Making (Pick your yarn colors and wind your own jump rope, dog leash, horse leads, whatever you’d like! Located on the basketball courts in front of the play yard.) 8 tickets.
Poseidon’s Treasure Challenge – Escape Room style riddles to unlock the treasure!
Painted Sea Horse: Transform yourself with an artist’s touch and a bit of sparkle. 5 tickets
King Neptune’s Wand: Prepare a magical wand using a crystal and special ribbons!
Magical Puppet Story – An enchanting tale enjoyable for all ages – located in our kindergarten. $5 per family.
Adding to the wonder of the experience, don’t forget the magical Mangrove Mother as she roams among the children to offer treasures in exchange for a ticket.
Delicious Faire Food + Live music too!
A variety of soothing soups and refreshing green and grain salads, tons of gluten free and vegan options.
A dessert bar plus a gluten free/vegan gingerbread decorating station!
We will have several raffle baskets too!
For Holiday vending opportunities please see our Local Artisan Marketplace event on December 2nd
Please email mangrovesarasota@gmail.com if you are interested in being a Mermaid Faire sponsor!
Please join us for this family event, where children and adults alike can make beautiful, meaningful handmade gifts, and enjoy the magic of the season without any of the stress.
We hope to see you there!

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