Santa Lucia Celebration

Santa Lucia Day celebrates the life of Saint Lucy and light for the longest night of the year.  This day usually begins before sunrise, with the oldest daughter in the family making Santa Lucia buns to bring to her parents. She typically wears white, with a red sash, and a wreath of candles on her head. Other girls in the family are dressed in white as attendants and the boys are dressed as “star boys.” In many Scandinavian countries this day begins the Christmas season.

Some stories say Lucia was known as a saint who brought food and drink to parts of Sweden during a period of famine in medieval times. Other stories point out the Sicilian origins of Lucy and tell how she brought food to the poor souls living in the catacombs. Regardless of the origin, Santa Lucia is seen as a symbol of hope and light during the dark of Winter, and her day is still celebrated in Scandinavian countries, Italy and other countries today.

As is tradition, our beautiful second graders held our Santa Lucia celebration for our community this past week. We are especially thankful to the second grade families who helped bring this festival to life – from crowns, to gowns, to photography, and of course the coveted Santa Lucia treats – the class as a whole – parents, students and teacher come together to present this to the rest of the school.

Dressed in traditional Santa Lucia attire, and with a gift of saffron scented Lucia buns, the students serenade our community as they move from classroom to classroom and building to building with the following song:

Santa Lucia, Thy light is glowing

All through the darkest night, comfort bestowing

Dreams float on wings of night,

Comes then the morning light

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia

Through silent winter gloom, Thy song comes winging to

Waken the Earth anew, Glad carols bringing,

Come thou, oh queen of Night,

Wearing thy crown so bright,

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia, Christmas foretelling,

Fill hearts with hope and cheer, Dark fear dispelling,

Bring to the world’s call,

Peace and goodwill to all,

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia

For our community, seeing these sweet children singing is such a gift of joy and peacefulness, and a wonderful way to begin the holiday break.

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