Kindergarten Class Welcomes Spring

The kindergarten class is enjoying several activities to welcome and celebrate Spring. They are listening to new Spring stories and songs, such as Johnny Appleseed. They are molding beeswax in the classroom and working with clay in the play yard. They also continue to enjoy their weekly watercolor painting, bread baking, and finger chaining and weaving.

The teachers provided a wonderful gardening activity for the children in April in which they created their own Spring fairy gardens by planting marigolds and strawberry plants and decorating them with moss, gemstones, small wooden animal cutouts, felt eggs, rocks, and items they found in nature.

Upcoming events include the May Day Festival on April 27 and an end-of-the-year class trip to Mote Marine on May 29 for the Sarasota Bay Explorers Tour. This is a boat tour in Sarasota Bay with a guide who will help children and their parents watch for dolphins and examine and learn about sea creatures. The tour also includes a stop on an island to play and hunt for treasures. The class is looking forward to both of these events!

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