Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to our Extended Care program there are various opportunities for after school enrichment.  

On Tuesdays, is our Lego Club, offered from 2:30-4.  Parent volunteers supervise weekly lego challenges created by the club founder, one of our 7th grade students.  

Coming soon to Wednesdays, Choir Club!  

On Thursdays, Ms Wendy leads Creative Movement from 1:45 to 2:30 for Grades 1-3. (After dismissal)

Dance. Play. Explore.

Creative dance classes develop musicality, coordination, and spatial awareness in a nurturing environment as each child is encouraged to express his or her individuality through movement.

Wendy Johnson received her ballet training in New York City at the Joffrey School of ballet and the David Howard School of ballet. She has been teaching creative movement and ballet technique to children for over twenty years first in Santa Monica, California and later for School of Richmond Ballet as well as locally in Sarasota and she is passionate about bringing a love of dance to students of all ages.

Wendy home schooled both her children from kindergarten through high school using Waldorf education.

Also on Thursdays, Finding Your Flow Hoop Dance for Grades 4+ 1:30-2:15, led by Bonnie Brown.

Finding Your Flow with Hoop Dance is a fun way to familiarize children with how their bodies move and interact with a playful tool, the hula hoop.
Unlike other movement arts, this tool offers feedback; if movements are slow in rhythm the hoop drops, if it speeds up the hoop goes up.

A series of basic moves and techniques will be taught for keeping the hoop up, recovery methods for when it drops, dancing inside the circle, as well as other simple methods for moving in and out of the hoop. Terminology is explained and techniques are demonstrated (e.g., vertical plane, horizontal plane, parallel plane, perpendicular plane, forward, reverse, centrifugal force, infinity shapes, and spheres). This creates a great foundation for other subjects, such as physics and geometry.

We try new things, reassure each other, throw our hoops around, learn, and laugh!
Hoops of various sizes are provided for everyone during the first few classes to determine what size is best for them.

Students will need their own personal hoop to begin feeling comfortable and familiar with its own unique feel, size and weight. On the third session, we will spend the class crafting our own hoops to take home.

The fee for this ten week session will be $110 per student with a $17 charge for supplies. This brings the total to $127 for a ten week session, which includes a professional hoop for them to take home and keep.