The Movable Classroom

In our classrooms, movement is just as important as our main lesson work. The two compliment each other beautifully. Incorporating age appropriate play and movement strengthens the child’s foundation in postural control; spatial awareness; good body geography and coordination among other basic developmental skills.

Our classroom transforms, using the furniture to create a safe space of obstacles and balancing exercises. The children are willing and happily crawling under benches and walking both forwards and backwards on tables and chairs sometimes while counting or singing.

These movement activities aren’t just for fun, they contribute to developmental capacities of language, mathematics, enhance focus and attention, practice spacial integration and strengthening of the will.

We live in a time when so many other schools are cutting recess, but we believe by emphasizing movement time both indoors and out we will enhance the learning potential and interest of each child.

At the same time, the children love coming to school, because it is engaging, dynamic, and fun.

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