Michaelmas 2014 ~ A Festival of Courage

Brave and True

Will I Be

Each Kind Deed

Sets Me Free

Each Kind Word

Makes Me Strong

Fight for the Right

Conquer the Wrong

As autumn begins, we begin to turn inward to prepare for the shorter days of winter ahead.  In our school, we focus on the figure of Michael and his conflict with the Dragon during this time.

During the days leading up to our Michaelmas festival, students hear stories and sing songs of St. Michael, who inspires us to take courage against darkness.

At our festival, the grades students perform a play that depicts the story of St. Michael  and his battle with the dragon.  The children learn that with great valor, dragons can be beaten. All students are then welcome to compete in games that test their own will, strength and spirit.

Michaelmas is a time for our school to join together and shine a great light in the impending darkness of winter.


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