Little Clamshells

Little Clamshells

Little Clamshells – Toddler

Mangrove School of Sarasota fosters a community of warmth and support for parents, and a nurturing atmosphere of joy and respect for young children.

Children are provided with playthings from the natural world and simply made toys that allow and encourage imaginative play, while parents engage in handwork and craft activities, such as wet felting or simple sewing projects.  Special attention is given to supporting your child’s interests, motor development, social interaction, and problem-solving skills.

Each morning includes seasonal nursery rhymes, lap games, finger plays, simple songs,  and stories.  Time is given for free play and exploration of both indoor and outdoor environments.  The children make and enjoy delicious gluten free bread, along with fresh fruit or vegetables, herbal tea, or water.

The parents are offered a peek into their own child’s interactions in a group setting as well as observations of other children in the same age range.  The program provides an example of a rhythmic, structured morning, along with songs and finger plays that they may wish to incorporate into the routines of family life. The teacher brings articles to help support the parents as they navigate the early years, and opportunities for adult enrichment through the school are readily available.

Children ages 3 and under attend with their parent or caregiver once a week.

We offer 7-8 week sessions throughout the year, on Mondays from 9:00-12.

Classes fill on a first-come, first-served basis. Mid-session registrations are accepted based on availability; in this case, tuition is prorated based on the start date. .

You can apply for registration on our website under “Apply Now”.  If a space is available you will receive an email to complete your enrollment.  If there are no spaces available at the time, we will contact you directly and place you on our waiting or substitute list.

Little Clamshells – Gentle Beginnings

Imagine a circle of mothers and babies, being cared for and appreciated, creating a network of support and friendship while learning the secrets of self-care from a wise woman, seasoned in infant care.

New parents are often overwhelmed or unprepared for the intensity of infant care.  Most quickly realize that along with all the joyful, heartwarming moments come endless challenges as well, and  yearn for a community of fellow parents and a place to share their experiences, digest them and gather the tools needed to move forward.

In our Little Clamshells Infant class, time is created each week to give our loving focused attention to observing our children, learning about each child’s unique development and gifts. Special attention is given to support the unfolding of children’s interests, motor abilities, social interactions, and problem solving skills.

This class is designed for newborn through young infants.

For more information, or to register, call (941)927-3711.