Learning Beyond Physics

By Ms Natalie

We begin our sessions with an appreciation of exploring our non-physical senses, our intuitive senses. This helps in meditation, guided exercises and reaching our higher selves.
We begin with sharing why our non-physical senses help us. We set out to find examples in the children’s current lives of how they can use meditation and practice techniques of relaxation to get a higher awareness of themselves and their surroundings. For example, in the car with siblings that are annoying us, sleeping disturbances, nerves to perform, dreams that we do not understand, speaking in public or ceremonies, going to new places or crowded areas. Through these shared practices throughout the classes we see the benefits of guided meditation and the transference of physical senses to becoming aware of our non-physical senses and/or intuitive senses and what uses we have for them.
Through contributing and witnessing these practices throughout our sessions the children will use mantras, form pure intentions to create their visions and see evidence of these manifestations. We form these habits by repetition whether it be by grounding oneself in class and feeling the energy of the room and the shift of others or playing one of our minds eye games and sharing the otherworldly places they visit. We follow each class by starting with heart palms and setting an intention just for today and ending with an I Honor You statement for the class. This sort of daily ritual is a well known custom of importance in our daily lives promoting harmony and balance.
It is a joy and a blessing to see the children explore these practices and share in our meeting time how they use these practices in their daily lives and I am honored to share this with them.

~Techniques to use at home in continuing daily beneficial practices~

1. Take a moment ~Breathing~ count to 5 or 10 (adults and children)
2. Allow them A space they can feel good in by themselves (quiet play)
3. Sending colors and surrounding them (dress them according to color vibration)
Pink deflecting negativity
Blue calming
Purple cleansing, strength
Yellow learning and new place new people
Golden pyramid sealing in and protection
4. Using crystals they can wear on pouch or hold (let them choose)
5. Calming music (children’s Beethoven station)
6. Earthing (bare feet in the grass) after school snack in the grass (the Earth naturally pulls the positive ions from us and replaces the negative ions to rebalance our systems from negative EMFs and other negative waves and energy we come in contact with throughout the day)
7. Scents use diffusers and aromas that are soft and gentle
Lavender, orange, Doterra balance, peace and calm scents
You can also scent with oils a necklace they wear and infuse it with an intention.
Peppermint or eucalyptus for mornings or awake times.
8. Humming natural vibration that harmonizes and clears the energy throughout our energy bodies. OAMS
9. Talisman to have with them at desk or school or when needed. (Can be a rock from a special place they visited or grandparents home, etc that is infused with a special memory)
10. TRUST trust your child in that they hold all the ancient ways to heal themselves and TRUST when they are tired or uncomfortable and LISTEN to them. (My favorite time for this is at the end of the day right before sleep I sit or lay in bed quietly with them and allow them to speak openly without asking questions or interrupting them.) It is amazing what I learn. This is a special time they can open to you without judgement or distraction just their own truth.

Blessings, Ms Natalie


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