We believe in an education that is artistic, academic, interdisciplinary, multi-sensory, practical, and social, AND learning that is joyful!

Our curriculum unfolds according to the educational and emotional needs of the child’s developmental stages, in order to nourish the healthy growth of the child.

The grades program encourages independent thinking and social responsibility as well as academic and artistic excellence.

Our teachers offer lively concentration in subjects taught in three to four week lesson blocks.

Children, throughout the curriculum, create original lesson books that expand artistic freedom and in-depth understanding of history, language arts, science, and math.

Foreign languages are taught with exploration into the rich culture of the language.

Movement, and handwork such as knitting, crochet and cross stitch, woodwork, and fine arts such as clay and beeswax modeling enhance motor skills, confidence, coordination, and creative thinking.

Music enriches the curriculum throughout the year, as well as following the seasonal calendar for Florida.

A typical day in the grades includes a two hour main academic lesson in the morning, infused with music and movement, a snack and outdoor recess, then one of several specialty subjects, such as handwork or foreign language, followed by lunch and outdoor recess, then concluding with another specialty, such as gardening, violin, or painting.  Fridays are devoted to nature immersion in various local preserves, known as “Forest Fridays”, or a field trip that complements a theme of the curriculum, for example, in the third grade, farming is taught in great detail, so the third grade might apply their knowledge and work in a hands on way on a local farm on several “Field Trip Fridays” over the year.