For Expectant Parents

For Expectant Parents

Our class just for expectant parents, Belly Bonding, is not birthing education, but rather a starting ground for a new community, welcoming families into motherhood and fatherhood with loving support.   A gentle reminder for getting in touch with the birth of a women’s maternal side, her inner wisdom, strength, and trust within her body.

Supporting a Mother’s emotional needs is important work to secure optimal connections between parent and child.  Nourishing the baby through thoughts, words, and actions.   All while in utero.

With lovely reminders to enliven & stimulate the senses, which are important to real human bonds that last. 

Through intentionally creating moments to nurture Mom, we will explore together tender caresses, positive affirmations and visualization exercises.  All while enjoying homemade bread, tea, and the lullaby harp.  

This mirrors and introduces the new family to the Waldorf experience. 

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